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Please be sure to read all rules and regulations before participation in our competition. We ask that studio directors and teachers make sure the dancers and families aware of all rules. Please call us or email us at with any questions or concerns.

  • Diamond Dance Awards will accept entries on a first come basis. Please be sure to register early to secure your spot.
  • All entries must be submitted online no later than 30 days before the competition date.If space allows, we will accept late entries with an additional fee.
  • All entries must be paid in full no later than 30 days before competition date. Once your entries are submitted you will receive an invoice from Diamond Dance Awards.
  • Dancers are able to compete up to three solos at any regional or national competition event. Only the soloist’s highest score will be used for overall ranking.
  • Diamond Dance Awards will accept independent entries with permission from the studio or choreographer. The entry must be entered under the studio name. The Studio Director/Teacher is not required to attend the event.
  • Diamond Dance Awards will disqualify any routine the judges find inappropriate or offensive to the general public. The studio owner will be informed if this occurs.
  • Diamond Dance Awards will not tolerate any disputes or disruptions of any kind.
  • The Studio Owner/Teacher must check in and drop off music at the event an hour before start time to ensure the schedule will run smoothly. Students do not need to check in.
  • Diamond Dance Awards requires studio directors to have their students ready to perform at least 30 minutes before their call time.
  • Diamond Dance Awards is not responsible for any injury occurring during a performance. Studio Directors must have a waiver signed by all participant’s guardians sent to our office 30 days before an event.
  • Diamond Dance Awards requires all music to be uploaded via DanceComp Genie and any back-ups to be on a USB thumb drive or available on phone.
  • Diamond Dance Awards will not allow “second chances”. The only way an entry may perform again is if there is an error by us.
  • There is no photography or videography inside the auditorium.
  • Refunds will only be given if Diamond Dance Awards has to cancel the event. If the event is postponed or rescheduled from the original event date, a credit for the amount paid towards registration fees will be provided to be used for the postponed or rescheduled date of the event.

Diamond Dance Awards Age Divisions

Mini  8 and under

Junior 9-12       

Teen 13-15      

Senior 16-18

Adult 19 & Up

*Please average the dancer’s age for duet, trios and groups.  For averages ending in decimal points, please drop the decimal point.

*Each Dancer’s age and date of birth needs to be entered when submitting entries.

Diamond Dance Awards Ability Levels

Novice– Dancers with little or no competitive experience. Dancers in this ability level study less than 3 hours a week and have been competing for 2 years or less.

Competitive– Dancers who a have been competing for more than 2 years and study up to 6 hours a week.

Advanced– Dancers who study more than 6 hours a week and/or have been competing for several years.

Professional– This ability level is for dancers who have trained professionally or choreographers and teachers.

Adult– Dancers over 19 years of age with any dance experience

*Ability level will be determined by the average level dancer in a duet, trio or group.

Overall Highest Score- There will be an overall highest score trophy awarded in each age division in each ability level. The overall highest scoring soloist will be awarded a trophy, sash and crown. There will be a top 5 or top 10 depending on the amount of entries in each age division and ability level.

For example, DDA will award the top 10 soloists for Mini’s (8 and under) in the ability levels competitive and advanced.

Diamond Dance Awards will award a overall titlist award to the highest scoring soloist in the Novice, Intermediate, Competitive and Advanced Ability Levels.


Silver- 240.50-256.49

High Silver- 256.50- 261.49

Gold  261.50- 276.49

High Gold  276.5- 286.49

Platinum 286.50-291.49

High Platinum 291.50-295.49

Diamond- 295.50-300

Judges will use decimals to avoid ties. Scores over .5 will be rounded up to determine award.

Judges Criteria

Each entry will be judged by the same criteria as a diamond, because every entry is unique as a diamond. There will be three qualified judges who will adjudicate each entry in each of the following categories:

Clarity- Technical Ability

Carat- Choreography and Musicality

Brilliance- Performance and Personality

Symmetry- Degree of Difficulty

In addition, at each event will have an exciting special awards judge giving out “Sparkle Awards”, for a performance with a little extra sparkle.

Diamond Dance Award Categories

Ballet/ Pointe- Routine with choreography consisting of classical ballet technique, steps, and movement.

Lyrical/ Contemporary -Routine with choreography consisting of a mixture of ballet and jazz technique that utilizes the lyrics and feeling of the music.

Jazz- Routine with choreography consisting of jazz technique, steps and movement.

Tap- Routine with choreography consisting of traditional tap technique, steps, and rhythms while wearing tap shoes. Props are allowed

Musical Theatre- Routine choreography consisting of dance and characterization in the style of a Broadway or movie musical.

Acro- Routine with choreography consisting of gymnastic and acrobatic tricks combined with dance technique. Any routine with more than three tricks must be entered in this category.

Open- Any Routine that does not fit into another category.

Hip Hop- Routine with choreography consisting primarily of hip-hop technique.

*Any routine with more than three (3) tricks must be entered in the acro category.

DDA Divisions



Small Group- 4 to 8 dancers

Large Group 9- 18 dancers

Production- 18+ dancers or requires extended time

Dance Title Entry

Mini Ms./Mr. DDA- ages 4-8
Junior Ms./Mr. DDA- age 9-12
Teen Ms./Mr, DDA ages 13-15
Senior Ms./ Mr. DDA ages 16+

Dance Title Entries may enter 1 solo only.
Dance Title Entries will compete against all other title entries in their age category regardless of level.
Dance Titleist will be asked to introduce themselves prior to their solo performance as well as bring an 8×10 picture to display. Please bring your photo to the check-in table.

Time Limits

Solo/Duet/Trio up to 3 min

Small & Large Groups up to 4 min

Production up to 8:00 min


If you have a dance that requires a prop set up of more than 30 seconds please make a note for us on registration. We will try our best to place these routines after a break.

Judges scores will be provided at the end of the event. We ask that studio owners, teacher, dancers and parents do not approach the judges at any time. Concerns should be brought to the direction of the DDA staff.